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An ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Facility

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Calibration Services

Complete one stop calibration solution for your precise equipments

Highly accurate master equipments

Trained personnel & Strict Environmental Conditions

Clear and concise calibration certificates

Accredited to ISO 17025

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Testing and Inspection

NDT & Inspection Services

Gamma Radiography

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

Magnetic Particle Testing

Eddy Current Inspection

Post Weld Heat Treatment

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Engineering Services

Pre Commissioning & Commissioning

Engineering Procurement


Instrumentation Rentals

Manpower Supply

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Valve Testing and Repairing

Valve maintenance services

Control valve testing

PSV removal, testing, maintenance and Re-Installation services

On site Testing

Pilot valve testing

Valve over hauling facilities

Manual valve testing

Mobile test skids for PSV and control valves

Safety valve testing API 527

Valve seat, shell high pressure testing API 598

Valve parts manufacturing

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Electrical and Instrumentation

Engineering & Designs of E&I Systems

Instrument tubing Hook-Ups

Supply and Installation of light fittings

Cable Installation, Meggering & Loop check

Factory Testing and Inspections

In Lab Configuration


We are providing a wide range of calibration services performed in a sensitive and environmentally controlled laboratory, using state of the art calibrator

Onsite Calibration


Caltest Engineers offer you the advantage of onsite calibration, especially for equipments that are not practical or possible to be taken out of your business location

Single Point Solutions


In order to fulfill and meet the needs for quality, reliable and integrated calibration services, Caltest Engineers offers a fast comprehensive one, including onsite calibration

State of art Calibration


We use our own state-of-the-art calibration equipments, software and laboratories for your convenience to ensure the best calibrating services available